How To Keep Your Kids Almost Always 
Happy And Detached From Their Electronics 
On Your Long Overdue Family Road Trip
If you would like to know an easy way to make your weekend getaway smooth sailing without backseat toddler tantrums and bored out of their mind kids, then here's how savvy moms everywhere are doing it and how you can do the same thing today.
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Dear Fellow Moms,

Let me tell you a story. Last summer we packed up our 4 kids in the mini van and headed west. The 30 hour drive from Cincinnati to Utah spread over 3 days was ... well ... 


Talk about weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth, and all sorts of mental and emotional breakdowns. Our 18-month-old daughter was affected most. Each time we’d stop for gas or get out for a meal, she thought we’d arrived at our destination. Getting her back in the car seat was like the “Rumble in the Jungle.”

We tried everything: singing songs (“Let it Go...”), telling stories (“that’s right, windmills are really there to keep the cows cool...”), eating snacks (“Mine!”), trying to have her share the Tablet with her older sister (which of course caused MORE fighting). Nothing worked. She was miserable.

And of course my husband, who never lets me drive on long road trips (he’s the world’s worst backseat driver...ever!) kept looking over at me to solve all the kid problems (“what can I do, I’m driving...?”). I felt like a...

By the time we reached Utah, not only was the baby a total mess (she wouldn’t even let the grandparents hold her and love on her), I was completely frazzled. It’s not so easy pretending everything is happy-happy-joy-joy when your nerves are shot! I’m sure you know what I mean.

We were telling my brother all about the drive from Hell. He showed us these cool car seat activity trays that strap in and give kids a little tabletop with cup holder and a place to color. I was like...

Holy Hallelujah!! 
Where Have You Been
All My Life?!?!
Needless to say, we bought a Taby Tray for each kid, crossed our fingers, and started burning incense to the highway gods.

The 1,600 mile drive back to Cincinnati was SO much more bearable. It certainly wasn’t perfect. But the kids were much better behaved. Even the baby!

“Mom, I gotta go potty!” There’s only one option when kids have to use the bathroom on the drive. Unfortunately the Taby Tray can’t help in that department. But, it helped us with these common complaints:
  • Are we there yet?”– We printed out a road map for each of our 3 days journeys. The starting city and end city were clearly marked, as were the in-between cities. As we drove we made a big deal of announcing which city we were passing. The kids would pull out their maps and use their Taby Tray to draw another line on their dot-to-dot travel plan. 
  • How much longer?”– The day before we left, I made a special trip to the dollar. I bought a tiny and cheap present for each kid to receive at hourly intervals throughout the entire trip. We printed out an hour-by-hour “present-time” checklist so they could keep track themselves. Tip: be sure the first present is some kind of watch so they can tell time on their own.
  • I’m bored!”– We had some electronic options on the drive. But, like you, we really don’t want our kid’s brains to melt on an overdose of screen time. I made sure to get activity books during my dollar store trip. Luckily, they had age appropriate options: princess coloring for the little girls, science and brainteasers for our boy, and something clever to read like joke books for our oldest. With their own tabletop, each kid had their own personal workspace.
  •  Mom, he’s touching me!”– Because of the size of the Taby Tray, the kids had a natural barrier of space between them. Keeping their hands to themselves was much easier to achieve with the tray strapped to them or their car seat.
  •  I’m hungry! I’m thirsty!”– Perhaps best of all, when they wanted something to eat or drink, they had their own little cup holder and fishy-cracker tray strapped to them already. We passed around the baby wipes in case of spills and messes, and the Taby Trays were kept clean and un-sticky.
It’s true, there are other cooler looking soft car seat trays, but their flimsiness makes for easy messes spilling all over the car. If they get too wet, they seem to stay wet because the liquid seeps into the inner padding. 

I much prefer the sturdy and easy to clean, hard plastic Taby Tray. Much more practical and user friendly.

After our wild ride west and back, we never go on any sort of long distance car ride without our Taby Trays. And really, they’re affordable, especially considering the amount of headache we experienced without them. 

       ➢ 1 Tray is $27.99
       ➢ 2 Trays go for $52.99.
       ➢ 3 Trays go for $74.99.
       ➢ 4 Trays go for $93.99.
4 Taby Trays for under $100. Not bad at all. That’s a whole lot less than the $500+ we spent on each of our tablets. Trust me, from one Mom to another, this is one of the best ‘almost’ $100 you’ll spend. 

Click the order button, enter your info, and you’ll be on your way to a fun filled family getaway. And you know what, you deserve it. As hard as we work, we’re worth an almost $100 peace-of-mind-purchase. Join me and Moms everywhere on our carefree Taby Tray journey.


Janae Peterson
Karma Baby & Taby Tray
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When You Get 3 Rolls Of One-Inch Fiber Fix Today, We'll Throw In 2 Rolls of Two-Inch and 1 Roll of Four-Inch FOR FREE!
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